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Plan. Act.

A community of action

Together we’ll...

Understand how health and well-being are generated through the relationships we have and the way we live together
Identify issues that are important to us, our collective assets, and opportunities for meaningful work together
Develop tools, skills, and behaviors to equitably address the prioritized social determinants of health topics
Help communities develop the relational trust and resources needed to participate in any change effort or improvement that arises

To achieve health equity, Equity in OC takes action on


What are Social Determinants of Health?

“Social determinants of health are life-enhancing resources, such as food supply, housing, economic and social relationships, transportation, education, and health care, whose distribution across populations effectively determines length and quality of life.”

- Professor Sherman James, Duke University

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The Equity in OC community will take collective actions on three Social Determinants of Health

What to expect

  • 1
    Addressing social determinants of health and learning from local and national experts on ways to take community action
  • 2
    Centering your equity work and commitment by learning to integrate the head and heart
  • 3
    Grant opportunities of up to $500K for your equity improvement projects
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Community Health Improvement Leadership Academy (CHILA) Session 1

June 28 – 30, 2022 @ Freedom Hall, Fountain Valley, CA
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Milestones & Timeline

Equity in OCTaskforce


    Determined Priority Social Determinants of Health
  • Launch permanent work

    Action Period 1

Phase II:
Action and Learning Community

  • Phase II Starts

    Understand how health and well-being are generated through the relationships we have and the way we live together
    More Details
    2022 May
  • Chila session 1

    Learning about improvement science, systems change, and building communities
    June 28–30
    Action Period 1
  • Chila session 2

    Equity deep dive, design thinking, switch thinking, and how to plan for your Equity Action Lab
    Action Period 2, Equity Lab 1
  • Chila session 3

    Learn how to deepen, expand and sustain your work
    Action Period 3, Equity Lab 2
    2023 Mar

Phase III:
Harvesting and Sustainability

  • Phase III Starts

    Celebrate, Grow, Sustain
    2023 May
  • LAUNCH Permanent Work


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